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Project Details

The project aims to develop a comprehensive booking system for Japanese hotels, integrating seamlessly with channel managers Temairazu and TL-Lincoln. The system provides a robust management interface for hotel administrators, allowing them to create and manage detailed hotel profiles, room types, and availability in real time. Additionally, it enables the addition and editing of room descriptions, photos, and amenities at both the hotel and room levels.

Key pricing management features include creating multiple rate plans, dynamic pricing algorithms, and the ability to set pricing rules based on various criteria. The system ensures real-time updates to channel managers to prevent overbooking and maintain accurate inventory management. Hotel administrators can also cancel, or confirm bookings, with automated notifications sent to guests and staff upon booking confirmation or changes.

The user management capabilities allow for defining user roles with customizable access levels and managing user profiles for hotel staff. Additionally, the system offers comprehensive reporting and analytics features, including revenue reports, enhanced decision-making, and financial performance analysis.

Overall, this booking system provides Japanese hotels with a powerful tool to streamline their operations, manage bookings efficiently, and offer a seamless booking experience for guests.

Project Crew

Backend Development
Created web application and scripts for delayed jobs, connect API from channel manager Temairazu in csv format, connect TL-Lincoln channel manager by SOAP WSDL format, created connection with system Beenos Travel98, adapting translations and create API documentation for integration
Frontend Development
Created multilayer VueJs application with separated roles and areas, adding `impersonate` mode for helping hotel managers without troubles with passwords, used latest versions of libraries for creating good looking interface
Testing & QA
Provide full testing of the system, checking updates from developers before and after deploying on production environment
Maintenance & Support
Make changes due to business needs for convinient usage for hotel managers based on feedback
Setup CI/CD by Github Actions and AWS CodeDeploy, manage infrastructure on AWS, created flexible system based on Docker containers and AWS EC2 instances
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Ruby on Rails
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