VR Museum. Anija Manor's story

Time spent 320 hours












VR Museum. Anija Manor's story

Time spent 320 hours
Project details

Anna Hedwig, the lady of Anija  Manor, has a secret that only guvernant Berend knows about. If you, too, want to be able to track down Anna Hedwig's secret, you have to solve five tasks before midnight. Is Anna Hedwig fatally ill or in love, is she guilty of some crime or discovered that she has been adopted? You can find out what the secret is when you do all the tasks. Are you ready?

The challenge is to develop an immersive VR game specifically for teenagers to use with the Oculus Quest 2 headset. The game will be used in a small estate museum where visitors can experience the game by renting a VR headset for a nominal fee. The design of the game aims to make it easily accessible, allowing users to start playing by simply putting on a VR headset..
The goal of the game is to pass various kinds of mini-games, trying to score as many points as possible. Each mini-game is a separate round in one of the rooms of the museum. 360 photo panoramas were chosen to display the museum areas, within which the user is positioned and the impression of being inside the museum is created.

The following rounds are available in the app:

Recognize the Guests:
Location: Dining Room
Players must identify historical characters seated around the table, with some being genuine historical figures and others being time travelers, aliens, or spies. They interact with each character, asking them to stay or leave based on their historical accuracy.

Location: Porch
Players encounter a rat infestation on the porch. They are provided with tools like peppermint, ammonia, mousetraps with cheese, and a cat to repel the rats. Quick decision-making is required to clear the porch effectively.

Location: Salon
Players take on the role of managing the Anija Manor's economic activities in the 18th century. They choose between different revenue-generating options like potato cultivation, printing, horse breeding, and vodka production. Quick choices are made, accumulating points based on historical accuracy.

Historical Events:
Location: Great Hall
Players rank historical events in chronological order, related to various periods and rulers in Estonia's history. They must correctly sequence events from different eras to earn points.

"Tonight at Anija Manor":
Location: Vestibule
Players experience the haunted atmosphere of the manor at night. Their task is to clean and organize rooms before morning comes. They interact with ghostly elements, arrange paintings, candles, and furniture to tidy up the haunted rooms.

Particularly challenging tasks solved in the project are as follows:

  • Correct positioning of the player inside the 360 panoramic image of the location
  • Correct depiction of all interactive and visual elements relative to the player and the 360 panoramic image of the location
  • Localization of the application into several languages
  • Creating a linear game logic in the format of a quest

When developing the application, we used:

  • Unity
  • Oculus Quest / Quest2
  • Oculus SDK
  • VR Interactions Framework
  • CurvedUI

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