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AHTS Ship Simulator

Project Details

The app is virtual reality based. It was implemented as a tech demo to be further displayed at a major International IT Exhibition CeBIT 2017. What our app can offer for your consideration is realistic computer graphics, true to life water physics, real ship, UFO, water cannons, live seagulls and completely immersive virtual reality. Enjoy marine views around you. You are in full control of a ship to try and successfully tie up at an Oil-rig and save survivors. Show whose word counts in these waters to insolent aliens.

Have you ever dreamt of commanding an 3000 ton vessel and navigate it in high seas? Then test and improve your skills with the fun but somewhat realistic version of our professional ship simulator. Use your 4x2 kW main engines and the bow and aft side thrusters to take your anchor handling and tug supply vessel (AHTS) out to the oil rig and hold it steady for 10 seconds, so your crew can rail in the anchor. But beware of the UFO and its tractor beam. If there is a fire, put it out before.. Adjustable weather conditions and two water guns that help against attacking aliens (laser weapons are for the weak!) make it an exciting experience with realistic controls. But beware, Captain, AHTS vessels are expensive, so try not to collide and sink it.


  1. Realistic Ship Handling and Physics

Fully immersive experience replicating the movement and physics of a real 3,000-ton Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) vessel navigating in high seas.

Accurate representation of ship maneuvering effects, water physics, and vessel behavior under various weather conditions, including storms and calm seas.

  1. Interactive VR Controls

Utilization of Vive controllers for an intuitive and interactive experience.

Point-and-click navigation, joystick-like control for ship acceleration and rotation, and direct control for specialized actions like using a water gun to shoot UFOs.

  1. Multi-Station Gameplay

Four distinct control stations on the ship's bridge, each serving a specific purpose.

Main engine controls for acceleration, bow and stern thrusters for rotation, navigation console for setting the course, and an anchor winch control for capturing and retrieving the anchor.

  1. Dynamic Mission Scenarios

Engaging mission to capture an oil rig's anchor, marked by an orange buoy, within a specified timeframe.

Evolving challenges, such as UFO attacks, fires on neighboring ships, and changing weather conditions, creating a race against time for the player.

  1. Immersive Visual Elements

Stunning visuals with advanced water and sky shaders, detailed and animated maps for foam and water effects on windows, and particle systems for waves, foam, and spray.

Real-time displays and screens on the ship bridge, including navigation display, radar, compass, water level chart, and multiple cameras for a comprehensive and realistic environment.


Controls: With the controllers you set he main engines throttle and turn the wheel to get to the oil rig. Give the aft and bow thrusters a push to turn the bow or aft of the ship in the respective direction for fine navigation. use the controller's side button to switch to water gun mode. It helps against fires and UFO's..

The goal: Steer the ship to the oil rig, avoid traffic, put out any fires using the water guns and keep the ship within the marked area for 10 seconds.Good luck, Sailor.
hotkeys: push numbers 1(calm)-5(heavy storm) to change the weather, 'S' to start from the menu and 'R to restart the simulation.

WARNING: The AHTS Simulator is not for the faint and sea-sick.. In stormy weather conditions things may get uncomfortable…

Project Crew

Unity, Blender, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Open VR, HTC Vive
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